Saturday, January 10, 2009


So today is the free workshop for the improv class Evan and I were thinking of taking. Not only am I not gonna be able to take the class, but I can't attend the workshop this afternoon. There is a big wedding reception tonight and I am heading into work in a bit.

However, I did play charades last night. Not improv but close. My team did awesome. We only missed two or three words. I drew Sears Tower and Napoleon Dynamite. The other team had to act out the words we came up with, including Barack Obama (harder than you think), All American, Conway Twitty, Knights of Columbus, Brooklyn Bridge, Paul Revere... Some of the words my team (successfully) acted out were gutter guard, Tila Tequila, aerator, Jeff Goldblum and nuclear medicine.


  1. Your presence was missed... although you STOOD me UP! It was fun... and you missed out.

  2. That game of charades sounds impossible. Amazing.


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