Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Maybe it's because I'm not with child, but I just can't imagine the need for an ultrasound being so high that I couldn't get to my doctor's office to have one. But just in case, this willing entrepreneur is at your service.

Pregnant readers - is there really a market for this? Please explain.


  1. I must say - I probably would have been tempted to do that if I knew about it! Ha :-) I hope I'm kidding... but man, ultrasounds were like gold when Caroline was in the belly.

  2. I don't know how much I'd trust a person to do one that drives around advertising for it on the side of their Ford Taurus (or whatever that ride is)! Call me frugal, but I'd rather have my doc's office do it and my health insurance pay for it!! Speaking of, I'd really like to get another one before little bit makes her debut. :)

  3. Can't quite read that number.... although at this point I'd rather baby boy make his REAL appearance.


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