Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today is my uncle's birthday. In a few days, it will also be my aunt's birthday. However, she shares a birthday with my sister (lots of January birthdays around here), so I am going to combine my aunt and uncle's birthday love posts in order to give my sister her own day.

My aunt and uncle are on my paternal side of the family. However, they still remain in my mom's, my sister's and my own life like nothing ever changed. They have been there for us and helped the three of us out (even when it was the four of us) in ways I will probably never know.

They met and got engaged after only dating for a few weeks. More power to them - I'd have been scared to death. But they made it work!

My uncle is a really hard worker. You'd have to be, to work for your father. But he did for years and still runs the business he and Pawpaw started. He helped take care of them until their dying day, again in ways I'll probably never know. He has remained a leader in our family. He even walked my sister down the aisle at her wedding.

Meanwhile, my aunt could rival Martha Stewart with her crafty skills. She majored in Home Economics, which means if she had to she could make a men's suit from scratch. She can make anything. She made my birthday cakes growing up; made my Alabama Junior Miss dress when I was in high school, and then after Granny died, she made the three of us girls a cookbook with Granny's favorite and most used recipes.

When I think of my aunt and uncle, I think of community. They are rich in community. They have lived in the same house for years, and are very best friends with their neighbors. Of course, they were all very best friends before they were neighbors, but living right beside each other certainly didn't hurt things. I long to cultivate the friendships that my aunt and uncle have.

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eddie - I hope you both have a great birthday. Sorry 70 is getting closer by the day. Thanks for all you have done and do for my mom, my sister (and Jamie) and me. I apologize for always eating all the rolls and mashed potatoes. Thanks for always laughing when I would launch into the Nutty Professor while everyone else was trying to talk. Thanks for watching my and Jennie's concerts we felt necessary to perform every holiday until she was 10. I'm sorry I told you we couldn't watch anymore football together because you are too loud. I am so blessed to have you guys as my family and I hope you know it.

The whole family

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