Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Just so you know I am not totally greedy, I am sending people stuff for free while I ask for it.

I bought a bag of Sour Patch Kids from CVS on Saturday. It was a Christmas candy which meant it was a) 50% off and b) filled with red and green Sour Patch Kids!

The red kind are my absolute favorite candy in the whole wide world, so I knew I would have a half bag of green Sour Patch Kids by the end of the day week. I used Facebook to put out an APB to find out who likes the green Sour Patch Kids. Eric responded first, meaning soon he will be receiving a box with an opened, half-eaten bag of candy. He's so lucky.

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  1. I'll check out the other CVS near me tomorrow. Maybe Target has some too.

    The CVS I went in only had chocolate and candy canes.

    I will find some even if I have to lie and buy a bunch of the regular priced ones. I'll just send you the red ones.


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