Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

If you traveled as much as I did, I'm sure your day was busy. However, if your car was as gas-efficient as mine is, I'm sure you concluded your travels pleased and happy.

I got home yesterday after the previously mentioned airport drop. We went to church and then visited with my mom's side of the family and their extended relatives where I discovered two things. 1. My nine-year-old cousin is an amazing artist, and 2. Brunswick Stew. What's not to like? Potatoes? Good. Corn? Good. Lima beans? Good.

The four of us came home and opened gifts. My mom and I found out about two weeks ago that we both got my sister the exact same present. She hadn't asked for or even mentioned a Gorillapod, but she got one (two technically). Since mine was delivered first, I got to give it to her and didn't have to shop for something else. So she liked her gift just as much as I like my set of Henckles knives, Land's End Tote Bag, DVDs (Will & Grace, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Office), sweaters, cutting board, CASH for Vegas and more.

Today Santa came and then Mom and I headed out after brother and sister took off to see his family. We made the rounds all over my mom's hometown, visiting and eating at every stop. My grandmother didn't recognize me for the first time ever, so that was a little disconcerting especially on Christmas. In all fairness, I struggle to recognize her. But I know surely my MawMaw is still alive somewhere deep inside the kind and polite but nervous and frail stranger she has become.

Mom hates to drive so I made her a deal that if we managed to be out of the last house, heading home by 5:30, I'd drive the whole way. She lost the bet by 10 minutes. We came home and went to see Marley and Me. What a movie. Well done, Jennifer Aniston, well done. I recommend everyone go see it.

And now - the grand finale of the day. I'm heading to bed to sleep on my new contoured tempurpedic foam pillow. Tomorrow I will tell you about the two funniest presents I received. From my mother, of course!

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