Wednesday, December 24, 2008


There's moments a girl will always remember. Her first date, her first kiss, her wedding day, etc.

Last night, I had a Moment I'll Always Remember. I got my first Little Blue Box.

Since we are apart for Christmas (booooo!), C and I swapped just one present each on our last night in town. His was an argyle sweater I knew he'd love. Mine was a beautiful sterling silver necklace he picked out all by himself from Tiffany. It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It's on a sterling silver chain and has some engraving one side of the pendant - Tiffany etc., and then he is having the other side monogrammed for me after New Year's (or whenever he is able to pry it off my neck). The gasp of surprise when I saw what was in front of me to open was just like what you see in the movies. That should be their slogan - Tiffany & Co.: The Gasp Is Free! And don't worry, there's more than a sweater waiting for him under the tree (and quite deservedly so). So generous. So sweet!

I wore my necklace the entire night and all day today. Dropping him off at the airport wasn't fun by any means, but having a small token to remember him by around my neck made saying goodbye a teeny, tiny, quarter-size bit easier. I kept reaching up and touching it the whole drive home. Are you still there, Tiffany pendant? Are you really on my neck?

Thank you, C. Merry Christmas. See you Sunday.


  1. Ugh. Get a room. Merry Christmas.

  2. Dan please. You've written far mushier posts about your dog.

  3. oooohhhh!!! Go C!!!! I like him already!!!

  4. Nice!. Sounds like he's a keeper. Hope you had a good day with your family.

  5. The double punctuation is free this year at Dillards!

    You should get you some.

  6. Ah, the Tiffany box. No more exciting gift wrap in the world. High five!


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