Monday, December 01, 2008


• I love Black Friday/Saturday. I have only done the doorbuster thing one time, in 2005 with my sister. We found Motorola Razr phones on sale, 2 for $80 at Comp USA. Their doors opened at midnight as opposed to 5 am so we just stayed up all night and went to bed 7 am after busting down Best Buy's and Circuit City's doors for movies and camera memory cards. The cheap movies are the best part, and you don't have to be there at the crack of dawn to get them. For instance, this weekend after the football "game", we went to Target and got a handful of movies, starting at $4. They had all kinds of good movies for sale. My sister got Juno plus others for $6 each, I got Baby Mama for $9 and my mom Santa bought me season three of the Office for $13. I was going to get Knocked Up and 27 Dresses but changed my mind, even though they were only $6 a pop.

• Did you watch Britney's documentary on MTV last night? I was surprised. She can go from seeming professional and mature to coming across vapid and childlike in no time flat. And she was also contradicting herself right and left, regarding her life. Are you positive, or are you sad? Is it exciting because you're doing what you love, or is it all repetitive and endless? You know what Britney? Thanks for the hits, but it's not too late to move back to Louisiana. I'm just saying.

• My favorite part of the Iron Bowl: realizing Bama has a player named C. Reamer on their team. The graphic with his face and name popped up and I went nuts. That means they have Coffee and CReamer. Haha! If you don't think we laughed about that for at least two downs, you'd be wrong.

• Add to the list of Things That Ruined 2008: Allison is moving away. Yes, Allison of tap dancing infamy. Thanks a lot. Now who will do fun stuff like this with me?


  1. Good thing you changed your mind about getting knocked up.

  2. Dear Britney,
    You have millions of dollars. Your roots shouldn't look worse than mine (whether it's your real hair or not).


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