Friday, December 05, 2008


People keep asking me what I want for Christmas and won't accept my answer of cash, cash, cash. I just bought a new car, have a computer to fix, an apartment to decorate, I'm saving for a trip to Vegas... if ever there was a year for cash, this is it. But no. Tangible objects. Stocking stuffers. So at least let's make them things I want or need or will really use!

Here's what I came up with:

1. Actors Acting coffee table book from Amazon

2. Something to start off my Mariposa String of Pearls Collection (might have to pool resources for this one)

3. The big liter bottle of my favorite shampoo (this really is a genius gift and someone should get this).

4. Movie passes (preferably Regal, not Carmike or Rave)

5. Sephora gift card

6. This cute Andy Warhol wall calendar for my desk (also available at a bookstore or BB&B near you!)

7. A season of Will and Grace, preferably one of the later seasons like 6, 7 or 8

8. This chair towel thingy (in white, I think) that I can get monogrammed later

9. Medium sized, natural & washed black Land's End tote bag which I will get monogrammed later in a style I like (aka none of Land's End options)

10. Money to take my Intro to Improvisational Acting class with Evan this January!


  1. You and Even should be TEACHING an intro to IMPROV class! You are both stand up comics! You have both missed your calling entirely.
    yo' mama

  2. I've got dibs on number #1.

  3. I think cash is a great gift, personally.

  4. I ask for cash on every gift giving occasion. Its easy, and you know what, sometimes I need groceries or gas for my car more than I need a cute new picture frame. Cash= perfect gift.


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