Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Of ALL the people in the world, I was asked to fill out a Geek Squad survey. Boy, was I excited.

Please see the images below for the highlights:


  1. Soooooo, you're saying you didn't have a good experience? Let it be known that I have no issues with Best Buy...just in case they give you store credit.

  2. The Geek Squad shipped my computer off last summer and LOST it (?!?). I went 7 weeks without one until eventually demanding a new one. Needless to say my next computer will be purchased from I commend your survey.

  3. Two thumbs up for telling the truth in your survey! When I bought my new Mazda, George the salesman tried to bribe me on the survey! He said, "when they send you that survey, if there's anything that you would not put a perfect score for, you just call me and I'll do whatever I can to fix the problem and ensure that you can put a perfect score on that survey". I was not in the mood for bribery. I received my survey and told them the truth. I told them that George was impatient, not knowledgeable about his product, and generally just eager to sell as many cars as he could. George is no longer employed by Med Center Mazda. I kinda feel bad.


Oh goody!

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