Monday, December 15, 2008


Before I recap the weekend, I want to get something straight about about Gene Chizik.

First things first: I didn't want Tuberville to leave. Obviously. So having said that, if we have to have a new coach, one that has been here before and really understands Auburn is a nice place to start. And, if he's been a part of a Number 1 and 2 team, both 13-0, in recent years? Well that sounds like icing on the cake to me.

Read what his former players have to say about this guy:

Carlos Rogers: "This was the best decision Auburn could have made. Coach Chizik was like a dad to me. From a player and student point of view he's exactly what Auburn needs in a head coach."

Carnell Williams: "Coach Chizik is a players' coach. Even though he was on the defensive side of the ball, he taught all of us the importance of hard work. He's the kind of coach recruits hope to get to play for, and I think this is a great hire. I'm excited for Auburn."

Dontarrious Thomas: "Gene Chizik will make a great addition for Auburn. He knows the game of football and knows how to motivate and relate to young athletes. He knows how to motivate them to be successful not only on the field but in the classroom and in the game of life. He will be a blessing for the players and for Auburn University."

Antarrious Williams, who went so far as to greet Chizik at the airport: "I think we got the right guy. All along, we interviewed six, seven, eight guys -- I don't know -- before we hired Chizik. I said: 'Where is Gene Chizik? Where is Gene Chizik?' He was my number one choice before they even mentioned him. I think Jay Jacobs got this right on the head. That's why Alabama's successful; players are buying into Nick Saban's system. It's not that what they're doing is so great. It's that players believe what he's saying."

You know what? If Gene Chizik is good enough for Carnell Williams, then he's good enough for me. I'm really not going to argue with Cadillac about football coaches. That's like arguing with Michael Phelps about good swimming. And seeing as how the players are the ones actually holding the football, not the armchair Facebook quarterbacks, if they think this was a great decision, then I think that's whom I'll be inclined to believe.

As for all the Auburn people that are complaining and thinking this is a huge mistake and we're doomed: you know what, we might be. We can't win every game. But next time we have a great season, you people will bask in the glory and in another decade we'll be angry that they've run off another great, great coach.

You see, this is the difference between Auburn fans and Alabama fans. Bama fans truly think they have the best team in the history of football no matter the season record, the coach or the statistics. They are the most optimistic, hopeful bunch of people. Meanwhile, all it takes is one loss and Auburn fans want someone fired. We're the worst team ever! This is the worst recruiting class ever! This the least prepared team ever! And I'm not watching another game until Jay Jacobs fires someone!

Auburn people, we are our own worst enemy. It's time all of us drink the kool aid they are brewing at UAT and realize that no matter the season record, the coach or the stats - Auburn is the best school in the whole wide world and we shall rise again no matter what. Believe it. Have some pride. Show some respect and quit complaining every time something goes wrong. Unify. Get behind the new coach; get behind the team. And until you do, don't call yourself an Auburn man or woman. It's as simple as that. Thank you.


  1. I like your optimism. I am not an Auburn fan; the Razorbacks are my team. However, living in Birmingham, I have lots of friends who are Auburn fans.

    Hang in there. We've been down the coaching-search trail before as well.

    BTW, Larry Anderson told me about your blog when I mentioned to him that I had started a blog. I've enjoyed reading it. You write very well.

  2. This is the best post you've written in a long time (in my opinion) because I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. Lindsay, YOU are a TRUE Auburn woman. Our job is not to make the choices, but rather to support our school and teams. Thank you for writing this.

  3. well said! I'm on board, and, painful as this year was, if it takes another one to get us on the BEST track, it'll be worth it. AND it's just football. just a TINY fraction of what Auburn is to me. WDE.

    also, "facebook quarterbacks" -- HA HA!

  4. Clayton and I definitely went to the airport last night to see him come in. I don't know if it was a show or not, but everybody seemed genuinely excited. His former players and some current players were there and it was really neat to watch them interact. He gave a statement to the crowd that this was a dream come true for him to be back in Auburn. In my opinion...War Eagle to that!

  5. War eagle, regardless of who's at the healm!

  6. Well said, LJ. I couldn't agree more. I hated for Tubs to go too, but after watching Chizik's press conference last night, Casey and I are both very impressed with him and looking forward to next year!


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