Monday, December 29, 2008


So today I went and registered my car. I had been putting this off for a few reasons, which I won't get into here and now lest Wes tell me my blog is not interesting again, so let's get right to the good stuff!

Knowing that this was the first day all these offices were open post-holidays, I woke up extra early, and in the interest of getting out the door faster, I let the hair go au natural and even skipped putting on make up. I was on a mission people!

In this county, you and your car have to first pass an emissions test before you can get a license plate, similar to how you have to take a swim test on the first day of summer camp. Well, not really. I've been "swimming" for two and a half years in their pool. I just haven't been properly authorized to do so, I guess. ANYWAY. I'm all for clean air but to me it was just one more place I had to go and thing I had to do in order to get this car fiasco behind me. They are smart enough to have about five different testing centers around the county, so I went to one close to me. I pulled in and was pleased to see the lines weren't too bad. Only about six cars in each lane. So I pick the middle lane, put it in park, and immediately the line to my left moved. Curses. Of course I lane hopped, which meant that immediately after putting the car in park in my new lane, my old lane moved forward twice. I considered lane hopping again but decided to let it go and put on my makeup while I waited my turn. Eventually the lady who was running my lane told me to pull on in. I had to get out of my car while she hooked it up to a few devices and then was given the Golden Ticket that I would need in order to get my license plate. Step one.

I drove to a satellite county clerk's office that is in a nicer part of town. Here's now nice - the county clerk's office was in a gorgeous shopping center, had two leather couches and a flat screen TV, and was facing a fur store. I wait in the line for a short bit, while checking and rechecking to make sure I have all the paperwork. Title? Check. Bill of sale? Check. License? Check. Golden Emissions Test Ticket? Check. Check? Check. I was ready.

Finally it's my turn at the counter and a man who had the exact same name as my uncle (shout out!) asked to help me. I gave him my papers and told him I would be needing a special plate. He looked confused. "A special plate?" "A special plate - one for my alma mater." (Side note: each of you should get one of these if they are available in your state - some of the money goes toward scholarships!) He told me they only do those at the main office. I considered just staying put and having a plain old Tennessee tag, but then I remembered how much I love Auburn and asked him for my paperwork back.

I hop back in my minimally-emitting vehicle and head to the main office. I get there and wait again. The things I do for you, Auburn! Finally it was my turn and I handed my neat stack of documents to the lady. She seemed really pleased with how prepared I was. I told her I would be needing an Auburn tag and she thanked me for telling her before it was "too late." I wondered what that meant but decided not to ask.

Fifteen minutes and close to a thousand dollars later - Merry Christmas, Uncle Sam! - I left with my new tag in hand and the promise of my very own car title with my very own name on it coming forthwith in the mail.

And after work, I have one last important stop to make regarding this car: swing by the Toyota dealership to get screws that fit the holes for my license plate, and last but certainly not least get an extra key made so that the next time if I accidentally lock my keys in my trunk, I don't have to pay and arm and a leg for someone to come get them out.

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