Thursday, December 18, 2008


My new camera just got here! Glory on high. So the aforementioned bow tutorial will have to wait because we have our department holiday party at my boss's house tonight. Good times.

In other news, after my event last night, C and I FINALLY built a a fire using my last starter log and his hand-me-down fire tools. After the fire alarms alerted us that the flue was not, in fact, open, we quickly remedied the situation and settled in to watch the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which is what we are doing when we make faces like these:
Also, one of Carrie Underwood's fan sites got a hold of the Autograph Story and posted it on a forum. They all think it says Loser, too.


  1. OH my gosh, your story is famous!!! Hilarious!

  2. I think it says loser too. Maybe her people will read that story and give you a new one.

  3. Lindsay, I figured out tonight that you went to high school with my son Ben Beaumont. Small world.

  4. HA! Ben was Lindsay's cyberdate her Junior year for the valentine dance! (She emailed him to ask him--he was in Arkansas. She got kidded pretty hard about emailing to ask for a date.) When he walked into the house the first words out of his mouth were: "I didn't do it..." as our yard was covered in toilet paper once again. Mom J

  5. Oh my goodness. You are going to be famous. I think when (if) Carrie finds out/remembers what she did, she will feel compelled to give you a private concert, complete with a heartfelt apology...perhaps in song. One that she wrote. And I will be there. (But Matt won't because she's way too hot)


Oh goody!

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