Monday, January 05, 2009


I did this two years ago but didn't feel up to the task last year (sorry Margo). But I have been working on this for a few weeks now, so here it is, back by popular demand, My Best and Worst of 2008.

Best Song
1st: "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", Beyonce
2nd: "4 Minutes", Madonna & JT
3rd: "Hate How Much I Love You", Rihanna

Worst Song
1st: "Lollipop", Lil Wayne
2nd: "Pocketful of Sunshine", Natasha Bedingfield

Best Movie
1st: Wall•E
Dark Knight
3nd: Stepbrothers

Best Month

Worst Month

Worst Commercial
Saved By Zero
Anything Political
Anything by Sonic

Best Netflixed Movie
Gone Baby Gone
Run Fat Boy Run

Best Musical/Play
Avenue Q
Sweeney Todd

Most Embarrassing Moment
Dropping my underwear downtown
Living in a city that ran out of gas

Best New Adventure
1st: Running the Half Marathon
2nd: Tap Dancing
3rd: Trying out for Don't Forget the Lyrics

Worst New Adventure
1st: Homelessness
2nd: Carlessness
3rd: Computerlessness

Best Purchase
Tap Shoes
Real Uggs (coming soon in the correct size)

Best Decision
Accepted a new job
Joined Netflix

Worst Decision
Skipping Spice Girls concert

Best Fashion Trend

Worst Fashion Trend
Gladiator shoes

Best Cheer
Passing the Poms
Chinese Olympic Cheer

Best Concert
1st: Kanye in Atlanta
2nd: Tim and Faith at Symphony Hall
2nd: CMA Fest
3rd: Idina Menzel at TPAC

Best Discovery
Photo Booth on Mac computers (sessions 1 and 2)
Wine from a Box
The Nashville Predators

Worst Discovery
The Dress Was Actually a Nightgown

Best Moment at Work
Garth and Trisha
Biggest Event
Tim and Faith

Best Gift
Friends Season 10 Disc 3

Best Song I Wrote
"Bass Pro Shop Blues"

Best Breakthrough
Curls in my hair
Lady Antebellum

Proudest Moment
Crossing Finish Line
Getting the job offer

Best Earthquake
Earthquake in Nashville

Best Artwork

Worst Day
September 23

Best Effort at Being Domestic (Culinary Division)
A pie from scratch

Worst Effort at Being Domestic (Culinary Division)
The Tomato Soup Incident

Best Attempt at being Domestic (Non-Culinary Division)
Learning to cut hair
Learning to make hair bows

Best Idol Performance
Syesha, "Vanishing" on Mariah Carey Week

Worst Idol Performance
Teri Hatcher on Idol Gives Back

Biggest Waste of Money

Most Flattering/Creepy Message
My fan

Best News
I Got the Job
We're not gonna do this

Worst News
Feet are still growing

Best Dance
Dancing Coach

Best SNL Skits
I'M six!!!
The Lawrence Welk Show
I Think He Likes You
Grady Wilson's Put the Fire Back

Best Customer Service
1st: Canon
2nd: Pei Wei

Worst Customer Service
1st: Geek Squad
2nd: Geek Squad
3rd: Geek Squad

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  1. Excellent list. Can't wait to see what this year brings.


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