Saturday, December 27, 2008


As promised, here are the two gag gifts I received from my mother this Christmas - I'm pretty sure this is not a tradition, at least one that my sister and I have agreed to recognize.

First up - this beautiful portrait, taken circa 1989. She wrapped it up and gave it to me. She's definitely come a long way. Unfortunately this picture is now missing. It's either been misplaced or she did what she should have done 20 years ago and threw it in the fireplace:

And then there's this little guy, who she gave to me but has put in her purse and continues to show off in public. It's a tiny plastic moose that, when you press its rear down, "poops" out jelly beans. Let me put it this way - she thinks it's much funnier than everyone she's shown it to combined.

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  1. I spy another glamour shots photo...nice one, Jennie!! :)


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