Monday, December 15, 2008


This weekend really kicked off the holidays for me. Allow me to recap:

When we last met, I was heading to wrap my presents. I picked out paper and ribbon from Wal-Mart, and even though I had to dig around to get what I wanted, I was proud of my selection. I am very picky about wrapping paper. And now that I can tie a wicked bow, I was really looking forward to having some pretty packages under the tree.

Here's how they turned out:
You can see I went with a solid gold, a pretty candy-cane striped print and the smallest box is red with little snowflakes on it. All three got a lovely bow.

Then Saturday, I went to a holiday brunch which was fun. After that, I went into work to hand make my Christmas card. Hatch was here putting on a workshop, so I took advantage of the chance to be creative with some of their supplies. I made a very simple red and green print, took it to Kinko's and had them copy it onto some sturdy paper. I used a paint pen to add a small embellishment and wrote a note inside each card. I won't spoil the surprise for those of you that have one coming your way, but know your card is a LJ original. I'll post a photo of the finished product later this week.

Saturday night we had a Christmas party to go to downtown. It was fun to get all dressed up. Here's a picture of us. Note the curly hair is making a comeback, and also note that someone has pretty blue eyes:

Then Sunday, we finally got around to trimming C's Christmas tree. Here is the beautiful result -- all it's missing is something for the top of the tree but I'm working on it:
You'll have to forgive the angle. However unflattering, this is a special picture to me because it's the last one my camera took before it fell to a horrible, tragic, lens-jamming, mood-killing death. I had it balanced on some books, on a sub woofer on a TV tray by the couch. That gave us the picture you see above. Unsatisfied with that angle, I added some ornament boxes underneath the camera to raise the stack and pressed the button. However, the pitter patter of mine and C's feet running to our spot caused the tower to wobble and when I heard a THUD! onto the floor, I gasped, ran over and found my camera was DOA. The smaller inner lens is jammed into the outer larger lens at about a 30 degree angle, cracking the outer lens and rendering the camera deader than a doornail:
After a minute of inspecting the camera and a curse word or two, C's iPod sensed the mood and decided it was a good time to play "Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella" - the song I used to sing for my grandmother every Christmas, aka a surefire way to make me cry like a baby. Couple that with the shock that my camera is not broken but BROKEN, just in time for Christmas, and I just sat down and cried.

C talked me off the ledge and let me use his computer to check out warranty information. I thought I was covered until I saw this part: In the unlikely event that any additional damage is found during the repair process due to liquid/water, sand, corrosion, battery leakage or impact (such as dropping the unit), a revised estimate will be sent to you for your review and authorization.

Nice. So hoping the best but assuming the worst, we decided dinner from Waffle House would at least help me make it through the night until I could call Canon in the morning.

Y'all - let me tell you. I've dealt with more than my fair share of customer service departments this year. I've heard it all. It is with great pride and total confidence I report that Canon takes the cake. No seriously, I really might send them a cake. I talked to two people on the phone and didn't even have to raise my voice. After one painless phone call, Canon is sending me another new (refurbished) camera. It'll be here on Wednesday, and if that isn't marvelous enough, you should know that my camera's warranty is ONE WEEK away from expiring. One week! Can you believe that? And, most importantly, this transaction will happen at no cost to me. Just like last time, I have to send them my old camera - Canon picked up the shipping tab, of course - and we'll be all settled up. AT NO COST TO ME. You hear that, Geek Squad? I wish everything was that easy to fix.

So the moral of my tale - as you are doing your holiday shopping, let me know if you need help with your bows, and if there'll be any electronics under your tree, make sure they are made by Canon. Happy Holidays!


  1. your presents are pretty and festive! I almost bought that canday cane paper, but was glad I didn't when I came home and saw that I had at least SIX rolls of Christmassy paper (nevermind that one of them is brown and blue plaid :) ). apparently I hit up some sales last year?

    good to know about Canon. that is crazy that your warranty was that close! my luck would definitely have been that it was one week PAST warranty.

    and Christmas tree toppers are tricky. hold out for a good one!

  2. Very impressed with the bows. I need instructions.

  3. What prompted them to ignore the "if it's been dropped" clause? I salute you, Canon, for not being jerks! Also, your bows ARE amazing.

  4. Oh, and I think the curly hair is tre' cute.

  5. I guess I need to do a bow tutorial. I saw one somewhere recently and have completely forgotten where or else I'd link to it.

  6. I advise all my friends to buy Canon. A friend dropped my camera and the protective lens cover broke off but the camera itself still worked. Then it was dropped again, bending the lens like yours. I sent it back to Canon completely expecting to have to pay around $50, but alas I received an email which explained that I was getting my camera repaired for free. I am on the Canon bandwagon!

  7. Teach me how to tie a pretty bow!

  8. The rest of my presents came in today, so when my camera comes in tomorrow, I'll document my bow tying and post it Thursday. Deal?


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