Thursday, December 11, 2008


Remember when I told you I was going to learn to cut C's hair?

Well, last night, rather than trim his Christmas tree as originally planned, we trimmed his hair. With holiday parties coming up, it was time for a spiffy haircut!

It was actually pretty fun. We went into his guest bathroom, where I took a lot of delight (probably too much) at making him wear the tiny, tissue-thin cape that came with the clipper kit. Here's my little vicitim, looking embarrassed, nervous, or a combination of both:
Once he was settled in, I plugged in the clippers and took my place behind him. I don't think he thought it was as funny as I did when I started singing "Swing your razor wiiiiide, Sweeney!"

I used the 1/2" guard first, just so I could get a feel for how hair cutting is supposed to go down - speed, pressure, etc. After a few passes around his head, I thought I had done a good job. I was content to leave it, but someone really likes his hair short. Time to really get the job done with the smallest guard.

I got the hang of it pretty quickly (could be because he was talking me through it most of the time). Forgiving one accidental swipe of a sideburn, I have to say I did great for a first timer! It looked nice and even and didn't have crooked overlap lines like I've seen before (not on him of course). I even shaved his neck afterward for the full effect.

Shave and a haircut - two bits! Who is next?


  1. did you kick a switch with your foot afterward and he fell into the furnace room in a crumpled pile on the floor?

  2. "Not I," said the dog.

    Nice Sweeney Todd reference.

  3. At last, my arm is complete again!


Oh goody!

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