Friday, December 19, 2008


Here's your Friday Five/Bow Tutorial. There are tons of other ways you could do this, involving a neater bow and multiple pieces of ribbon and wire, but this is the quickest, easiest way I know how.

1. Tie a piece of wired edge ribbon around your gift.

2. Fold your ribbon up like an accordion. At least three loops on each "side" is best (but the more the merrier).
3. Fold your accordion of ribbon in half. Cut the ribbon's corners off, so it is thinner in the middle when you unfold it (this is optional but I do it - makes it easier to arrange the loops later).
4. Place your accordion of ribbon on the knot you already tied on your package and tie the ribbon one more time, securing it around your accordion of ribbon.
5. Fluff and poof the loops, trim up the end pieces with scissors and serve to your brother-in-law.
P.S.: Merry Christmas from Lindsay. I think these were much cuter in person, but whatever.


  1. Martha Stewart says 'you're hired.'

  2. nice touch on step 3. would have never thought of that!!

  3. I can't wait to get some ribbon and start making my bows!

  4. I want to see pictures of all these bows!


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