Friday, December 12, 2008


What's up people! Guess who is not only done with her Christmas shopping, but got all her errands run, had pizza for lunch and is now heading home to gift wrap?

Taking a personal day to get things done is the best stress reliever ever. Try it next time you are overwhelmed. Just don't accidentally schedule it the same day as your company holiday lunch or you won't get a chance to win a trip to Tunica.

The highlight of my day? Filling up my car for only $20. Merry Christmas, indeed.

The second best part? The TRAIN that almost ruined my trip to Opry Mills (which, given how crowded that mall was today, really says a lot). Yes, as if an outlet mall isn't crowded enough this time of year, let's drive a train through it. Nice touch. And I swear it was followng me. Three different times I almost got run over by a train that had no business running during the holidays. Doesn't Santa cause enough of a traffic jam?

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