Friday, November 07, 2008


What a week. It has been up and down to say the least. Your Friday Five will recap:

1. I have a feeling Tuesday night will turn into one of those Where Were You When? questions. As in, where were you when you heard about 9/11; where were you when you heard Obama was elected? My answer: I was at Pizza Perfect with C, getting a late dinner after being sick all day. The very second after the west coast polls closed, up went the CNN Breaking News graphic and over was the election.

2. I got my hair cut this morning. I LOVE getting my hair cut. My stylist is so fun. I have been going to her for a year now, after randomly finding her in the phone book one desperate Saturday. She's the one whom I trusted to chop my hair last December, after only one visit. And today she told me how to cut C's hair with clippers and trimmers, since he bought some recently so I could learn how to cut his hair. We'll see how I do.

3. Enterprise has been calling me since Tuesday. Apparently, they sold my rental car while I still had it. That was dumb. I was supposed to turn it in tomorrow but they couldn't wait until then to get the car from me. How ridiculous. I told them I would to come by to swap it on Tuesday, but then I got sick and decided to go home as opposed to worrying about the rental car. I still have tons of stuff in the car that I haven't taken inside: boxes, hanging clothes, etc. So I wanted to unload that before I made the swap. But I didn't get around to it. Sue me. So they called me again yesterday and again today, when an Enterprise agent BEGGED me for the car back. I'm not kidding. I was already late to work because of my haircut and then I had two site visits and an event tonight, so I was a tad busy, to say the least. I asked him to wait until tomorrow, just 24 more hours, and then they could have the car back for good. That wouldn't do. I told him I would push a meeting and he could come in an hour and a half. "Miss [Last Name]... Pleeease." So I told him to come in 30 minutes. I mean really. It's your fault for selling the car while it was in someone else's possession. That's like Blockbuster renting a DVD they didn't even have. What bad business. So when the guy showed up with the new car, as we were moving things from one car into another, I (jokingly) told him I was shocked a company like Enterprise would commit such a blunder and how were they planning to make up for the inconvenience. I suggested a free extra day of rental, which he agreed to. I'm such a hardass.

4. Car update: they found the lady that hit me and she admitted to being uninsured. So Allstate sent me a check for my deductible, meaning I have still not paid a cent for this wreck. Unless you count the dadgum STRESS, and I have decided that sanity is priceless. Additionally, the car title has been one closed door after another. I mean you name it, it's gone wrong. Luckily, I believe I finally have the proper paperwork to file to get a new title so that I can give it to the insurance company to get some money for my car so I can buy my next one! But since I have to return the rental, I have to go without a car again for a while until then. So if you live in Nashville and have an extra car, or want to give me a ride somewhere, please let me know. And speaking of buying the next car, I am actually leaning toward NOT buying a Toyota because of that awful Saved By Zero commercial. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to think that I succumbed to or support that kind of incessant marketing.

5. Last but not least, Auburn's homecoming is tomorrow. Ahhh, memories.


  1. Seeing "Miss Homecoming" pictures all over campus and not knowing any of them for the first time was a sad day for me. I miss the days of LJ singing her way through the fraternity houses and ADPi dominating homecoming year after year...

  2. You should be able to get a steal right now. There are so many car deals.

    Where can I see your hair?


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