Saturday, November 29, 2008


What a busy weekend!

I barely had time to turn around yesterday between getting home and getting back in the kitchen to peel more potatoes. But dinner last night was amazing so it was worth it. Then Mom, sister, brother-in-law and I went to see Four Christmases. I thought it was really cute, and the previews alone are worth going to see the movie for. January and Februrary are going to be busy movie-going months, I think.

Then, today I had to shuffle some money around - you know, because I have so much. Just kidding! I had to close my old checking account, the one without online banking that was opened circa 1998. So I took that money along with some savings bonds plus the check from Allstate and I finally have all the money from my wreck deposited into my account. Hooray! Now all that's left is to buy a car! I really like the Nissan Altima that I rented to drive home for the weekend (actually, I rented something else and they gave my reserved car away - not my fault, so of course I refused to pay the $5 upgrade for the nicer car and made them give me the Altima anyway).

THEN I had to go get a quick eye exam so I could order more contacts, since they won't let you order more without a current prescription. Hogwash.

And finally, I went and got lunch from Taziki's, then I came home and put on my pajamas, and now I am going to get cozy to watch the Iron Bowl. War Eagle!


  1. I thought I saw you go into Taziki's...I was in Baha Burger with the fam...I waved through the window and then when you didn't see, totally passed it off like I was fixing my hair. Whaddya do?

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


  2. Go with the Altima. They rock. Get some upgrades though. Sometimes I wish ours had the nav screen.

  3. Ansley - why didn't you throw something at me? Hate I missed you. Hope you're well.

    Wes - I'm not buying a brand new car. I'm buying a used car which will be new to me.


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