Wednesday, November 05, 2008


How is everyone? What's new? How's your week been? It's halfway over, hooray!

Did you know I was sick yesterday? I only went into work for two hours and then went to the doctor, who couldn't diagnose me. He told me to take four Motrin and go back to bed. Shouldn't you get your co-pay back if they can't help you?

I also got bad news regarding the car title yesterday. But I don't want to talk about it. And you remember what else I do not want to talk about: politics. But you're not here to read about it, are you? Go here if you are.

So let's talk about some things I do want to talk about: Hugs! Kittens! French Fries! Candy! Wine! JT!
Which looks best to you? I'm thinking the fries or JT.


  1. I'd go with candy and wine.

  2. i agree with you: fries and JT

  3. I'll take the kitten, please.

  4. And yes, the 'saved by zero' commercial is most definitely on repeat in hell.

  5. not just saved by zero- 5 dollar foot long as well

    I plan to go into subway today and ask for a 2.50 6 inch with my own hand motions

  6. I have to agree with Wes on this one... chocolate and wine hands down.

  7. i'm digging JT's sweater


Oh goody!

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