Monday, November 10, 2008


What a good weekend. Here's some highlights:

1. Saturday night, C and I dressed up and went to see Moonlight and Magnolias. It's a play about the true behind-the-scenes issues of Gone With the Wind. I never knew this, but three weeks into shooting, the producer fired the director and brought in a new one (pulling him off The Wizard of Oz). He also brought in someone to rewrite the screenplay, but that guy had never read the book before. So for five days, existing only on bananas and peanuts, the director and producer acted out scenes from the book and the writer typed out a script until they had a screenplay worth shooting. It cost the producer $50,000 a day to hold the movie. Interesting story. Moonlight and Magnolias is the five days. I liked it, but even more than the play, I liked getting dressed up and enjoying a delicious free dinner and hosted bar with some of C's coworkers. There was also a silent auction but we didn't bid on anything. We also didn't get a picture of us dressed to the nines, but there's more of these dinner/play combos in 2009 so stay tuned...

2. I went to Publix on Sunday. I have always shied away from Publix a) because there's not one near my house b) because I've always thought they were a little overpriced and c) there is not one near my house. I get their ads in the mail, though, so I've been eyeing their Buy One Get One deals for a while. So I was running errands Sunday and found myself near a Publix and I decided to drop in. I browsed around. Nothing was standing out until I got to the meat counter. I bought some ground beef and chicken for what seemed like a good deal. Then I got two bottles of coffee creamer. They were 2 for $5. I remembered I had a coupon for 50¢ off a bottle. I forgot, however, that Publix doubles coupons under 99¢. So the coffee creamer ended up costing me $2 per bottle, which is pretty good. And my checkout team was really friendly. But yet, neither of those reasons are why I'll go back...

3. Miracle of miracles, I FINALLY found some bagels worth eating at Publix. I used to have a bagel for breakfast every single day until mine (Thomas Multi Grain) were discontinued and since then, I haven't found any in grocery stores that were suitable. Multi-grain: is that too much to ask? Not to Publix. I was beside myself with glee to try one this morning for breakfast and was not disappointed. Now I just need to find some coupons for Publix bagels and I'll be set.

And lastly, I watched Fight Club this weekend. What a weird movie. Speaking of fight club, here's proof UAT and LSU have the worst fans in the SEC. Sad.

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