Friday, August 15, 2008


1. Another creature was found and we still don't know what happened to the last one. Is anyone else just a little bit alarmed yet?

2. I'm going to the Titans game tonight. Woohoo. Let's hope the fries are better than they were last year.

3. Netflix has not been very worthwhile so far. I haven't even gotten a movie yet (unless you count the episodes of The Office that I watched online). Apparently they are having some shipping issues, but to make up for it, I get an extra week on my free trial.

4. Last night after my work event, a group of us walked over to the Palm and had a drink. Know who walked in with his posse shortly thereafter? I'll give you a hint. He Should've Been a Cowboy because he isn't As Good As [he] Once Was.

5. My computer was not playing nice this morning. Actually, it wouldn't play at all. Cross your fingers it was just being fickle and isn't broken for good, because how bad would that suck?

6. You get an extra one this week: last night at our event, I tried (for the first time) a fried green tomato and (for the second time) a tiny tiny tiny bite of salmon. Neither one was insanely great. But the point is - I tried them both! Yay!


  1. um, how did I miss that someone claims to have found big foot?! have you seen that Monster show on the History channel? ssccccarrrrrryyyy.

    and I still think you need to try a different fish dish before you'll be convinced of it's wonder.

  2. Was he there to get some Beer for [His] Horses? Har, har.

  3. Haha. That made me laugh out loud, Sister.

    And my mom tells me that the "Bigfoot" failed the DNA test... because we have Bigfoot DNA to compare it to?

  4. Good luck with those fries. I bet they remembered you from last year.


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