Monday, August 11, 2008


Three things I need to comment on before time slips by:

First: some firsts. My first bat mitzvah, as well as my first 4 p.m. to midnight gig at the new job. All in all, it was fun! The guests certainly had no shortage of entertainment. If MTV had a show called Sweet Sixteen Bat Mitzvah, this one would have been the series premiere for sure. There was a DJ, a band, a cotton candy machine, a photo booth and all the soft drinks and chicken fingers the kids could handle, along with hors d'oeuvres, open bars and a lovely plated dinner for the adults, all accompanied by gorgeous centerpieces and extravagant decorations. It was straight out of Steel Magnolias - "pink [and brown] bunting draped on anything that would stand still." So the event itself was perfect. As for behind the scenes... while I wouldn't say I prefer to not eat dinner until midnight or to stay on my feet for eight hours, I didn't even notice how hungry or tired I was until after the event. It helps that we're not alone - security guards, banquet managers, operations personnel and more are all there pulling the same hours we are, if not more. So we bond and work as a team and go home knowing we accomplished something and made a little girl's special night nothing short of magical. Have I said it yet? I love this job.

Second: a second! My second visitor is coming tomorrow for a full out tour of the galleries. I am excited and hope I can remember all the neat trivia I have learned so I can impress my guest.

And last: a last. My last tap class was tonight! I am tapped out. We warmed up, then learned two new steps: the drawback and the Cincinnati. Those were actually hard for me. I was having trouble, especially when she had us doing them backwards, sideways, then in place. Then we worked on our dance sequence "combination" before it was time to get in the corner to travel. Nadine told us she would help us work on whatever traveling steps each of us wanted to do, so I elected to work on my traveling cramp rolls and another new step called a pullback. Since Allison was not there, I do not have a video of these steps, but I am going to try to get a video of me doing pullbacks and the other new steps before the end of the week. So, eight weeks and two blisters later, I can say that tap dancing is amazing and everyone should buy white patent leather tap shoes and go take a class!

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