Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend, I was recruited to "participate" in a dragon boat race downtown. And by "participate," I mean cheer on my more adventurous and athletic friends that were in it. I mean, I registered. I'd have rowed if they needed me. But luckily for everyone involved, they didn't, and I got to take photos and cheer instead. I even had my tap shoes standing by in case I needed to put forth a last-ditch solo effort to secure the overall team spirit award.

Lo and behold, out of 40 teams, our team won! I was so proud. Even though my hands never touched an oar, I couldn't have been any prouder of my rowing friends and especially the little drummer boy (aka the coxswain).

Here are some pictures and the video of the win:

About to board for the final race

It was neck and neck!

With the big trophy

After party at the Wildhorse, woo hoo

They couldn't have done it without the fearless coxswain

The trophy found a home in a bar downtown

It was a great, great weekend in many ways. We had so much fun. I even forgot about my broken computer and the fact that pretty soon, I will have no place to live! But all of that euphoria may have had less to do with the victory and more to do with the fact that the little drummer boy and I? Are now dating.


  1. Yeah, I heard about that from someone that is still my friend. If I ever started dating someone I would definitely tell you so you wouldn't have to find out from someone else.

  2. If you ever started dating someone, you'd better let Jennifer know first.

  3. Shall we have a coming out party now? ;)

  4. The drummers always get the girls.

    I tried Dragon Boat one time with my Filipino coworkers. However, eighty percent of them were obese, and I kept getting frustrated at how fast we could go if some of them skipped the donut box.

  5. aw, i salute you! you kids are cute together, it's true.


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