Monday, August 18, 2008


Three Things You Should Know About Me Today Even Though This Will Be My Third List In A Row:

*My computer was completely void of life on Friday and Saturday. Saturday afternoon, I took it to visit the Geek Squad, who is supposed to call me today with a diagnosis. Upon first inspection, they think it's the graphics card. BUT - before I took my computer to Best Buy, I decided I'd make some coffee. Except my coffee pot would not turn on. Seriously? My appliances had ganged up and were staging a coup d’├ętat. Keep in mind I HATE it when stuff breaks and I can't fix it. It's a deep, deep issue and another blog post altogether. So, I almost fled the state with Monica to keep her from joining the revolution, but decided to go to Best Buy, aka Applianceville, and price some new ones. Hear that iPod, coffee pot, computer, etc.? You can all be replaced. (Note: Later it was revealed that the electrical outlet was to blame, not the coffee pot itself.)

*My first Netflix movie finally came after a three day delay due to shipping issues. Not the best way to start my subscription, and Netflix knows that, so they extended my free trial by an extra week. But not only was I not impressed with Netflix, I was not impressed with my first movie: Swingers. Wes, David, etc. - please explain to me why that is supposed to be such a good movie because I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how that was on this list. And don't argue it was some of VV's best work because so was Wedding Crashers and it wasn't on the list at all.

*Remember this? They finally called me to come audition. Too little, too late. I didn't go. My hours are/will be crazy enough as is. From now on, it's amateur karaoke and nothing else.

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