Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So while I was taking one step forward in the technology world, I also took one step back.I deleted my LinkedIn account.

I wasn't really getting into it (nor was I really trying to). I joined a few months ago while I was job hunting and had been friended or whatever LinkedIn calls it three times. Last week, I learned that my old boss had tried to friend me. I didn't get an e-mail about it like the previous three requests, so wondering what was up, I logged into LinkedIn and found a few new features that I hadn't seen before: a list of people I should friend, and a list of people who had viewed my profile.

The list of people I should friend was super creepy. Clients that I had worked with on one single project (that none of my three friends had worked with), people I went to school with but didn't know very well, etc. And even creepier was the list of people who had viewed my profile. One of them was obviously my old boss but the other job description was one I didn't recognize -- too vague. And did that mean that the people who's profiles I'd looked at could see that I was checking them out, too?

Additional reasons: I have the perfect job right now so I don't need to network to find a new one; all the people I know/network with know how to contact me, and the majority of them are on Facebook anyway.

After weighing the facts, it was an easy decision. Byebye, LinkedIn. Nice knowing ya.

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