Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In case I needed one, I have yet another reason why I love my job and my department.

Last night, seven of us went to hand out food to the homeless. One Tuesday a month, a troupe of us hop in a truck and deliver meals (sandwiches, water bottles, crackers, cookies and fruit) to four different stops near downtown. We also have clothes, hats, towels, razors, socks, etc. to pass out. It was very humbling. I was quiet for the first two stops, awestruck by my coworkers who were comfortable with these people coming right up next to them and wanting a hug or handshake. By the third stop, I jumped right in, but was still so moved by the compassion that my coworkers had for these people. I work with all-stars. Have I mentioned I love this job?

Of course, the night was not uneventful. Here's a couple of funny stories:

First of all, do the math. There were seven of us in one truck. Three up front, four in the back. When we stopped, it looked like a clown car with body after body piling out.

Secondly, we had a guy ask for chapstick. We handed him some, and then he asked, "Do you have any flavored kind? I like to use it when I kiss ladies." I mean, don't we all?

And last but not least, we saw a celebrity! No, he wasn't asking for sandwiches. He was riding in his truck. He kind of cut us off, and as he was doing so, someone said that "Elvis" better watch himself. Someone else said he doesn't look like Elvis, he looks like the lead singer for (this group). Wait - it IS the guy from (this group)! We got up beside him and it was true! We all died laughing. Can you imagine what he thought about seven people in a food service delivery truck going nuts? We were howling - we couldn't believe it was actually him!

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