Sunday, August 03, 2008


Just when I thought fast food was safe, the pesky scary Burger King has gone and reproduced. That's right, the Burger King has a spawn - the Little King.

This is all part of BK's effort to target mothers in their advertising. Meanwhile, it's got the rest of us screaming and running away from our television sets. Little King is scary!

So if eating at Burger King means I risk coming face to face with the Little King, think I'll stick to Wendy's.

Also scary? This guy: the Montauk Monster (click at your own risk). Think he's real or a hoax? A viral campaign for a new movie or computer game? A turtle missing his shell? A raccoon? Who knows.

So if swimming in the ocean means I risk coming face to face with the Montauk Monster, I think I'll stick to the pool!

All these freaky creatures turning up... what's the world coming to?

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  1. Coldplay made two videos for Viva La Vida. I must say that I do not enjoy the second one solely because Chris Martin reminds me of the Burger King. Scary. Nightmares. Where was his manager when they shot this?


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