Thursday, August 21, 2008


News from the state fair circuit:

The Wisconsin State Fair was MUCH more impressive than North Dakota's! Take a look at my Eventures en route to and at the Wisconsin State Fair:

5. Brew Ha Ha: A fellow worker and I decided to make a pit stop on our way to Milwaukee. We spent a good hour touring one of my new favorite beer's brewery: the Leine Lodge (Home of the Leinenkugel's Brewery). I enjoyed a nice pint of "Honey Weiss" by Leinenkugel for the first time a couple of months ago while in Atlanta. I was thrilled and excited to find out the brewery would be en route to Milwaukee. We took a tour of the brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI and enjoyed a few samples of Leinenkugel's other delicious brews.
As I read the list of beverages they have made since the brewery was founded, I was PUMPED UP to find an "AUBURN ALE" on the list (War Eagle!). My excitement soon turned to disappointment when I read it was discontinued in the late 1990's. So I figure a picture of the logo would have to suffice for now:
For all of you Nashvillians, head over to the Flying Saucer and enjoy a Leinenkugel's brew. For everyone else out there... find a local distributor and drink to your heart's (and liver's) content! I would suggest the Summer Shandy, Honey Weiss, or Berry Weiss. All three are perfect summertime ADULT beverages.

4. "________" On-A-Stick:
This time, I ventured over to the "Cheese" On-A-Stick booth to taste the infamous treat. It wasn't too bad! Actually, quite good. Imagine eating a corn dog with melted cheddar cheese inside (instead of a weenie). Here are some pics (including one of me diving in):

3. Reasons Why...
...You should use toothpaste (and yes, the mullet is the icing on the cake):
...I opted for FREE laser hair removal:
...I don't live in Europe (or Wisconsin):
...You should "live like you were dying:"

2. "MOOO": While most people were watching Michael Phelps win his first gold at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, I was watching a different competition:

1. The BEST for LAST: I have come to learn that most state fairs have one thing they are known for. Wisconsin's thing: the CREAM PUFF! Take a look at this video to gain a better understanding of the Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff CRAZE. It's ridiculous!

I knew very little about the Cream Puff craze prior to my first steps onto the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds; therefore, I was shocked to find extremely long lines of people waiting to purchase boxes of these pastry prizes. Day after day, dozens of people walked by our site stuffing their faces with gobs of whipped cream piled between two crispy pastry ends. I made the decision to wait till the VERY END of the fair to dive into MY cream puffs and chose the BEST time to purchase them - while it rained! This decision resulted in a wait-free line smack-dab in the rain (it was the To-Go Kiosk located a few steps away from the Cream Puff building - yes, BUILDING). Obviously... I didn't care and enjoyed EVERY bite of my long-awaited Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs:

I just arrived in St. Paul for the Minnesota State Fair. What does that mean? A few things:
1. I've already finished the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL. You'll be getting a post about it soon!
2. It's my last stop before heading back to Nashville!
3. The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest state fair in the country!

I cannot wait to find blogworthy material amidst the excitement known as "The Great Minnesota Get Together."

Here are a couple of pics from the road:

See you again soon with Eventure #3!



  2. Awesome. Cream-puff... What the hell? It looks really awkward to eat (and it apparently give you armpit hair).

  3. You are hilarious. Can you please have a spin off blog once you're done with this? I peed my pants when I saw live like you were dying.

  4. I hope you enjoy the Minnesota state fair! I went there last year when I lived in Minneapolis, there is so much to do! Anyway I hope all is well.


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