Friday, August 29, 2008


1. Gavin DeGraw's show was amazing! We got there just in time to see him go on stage and he rocked it.

2. Know who else was was at the show? These guys. They were walking out the door while we were walking in. I would have not even noticed them had C not pointed them out. They were bigger than I expected - pretty tall (or maybe it was just the spiky hair). They went around back and then in the middle of Gavin's set, Gary acted as guitar hand and brought Gavin his next guitar.

3. A pen explosion will really mess up your morning. Just FYI. I feel like the kid in elementary school who chewed on his pen too much and then got ink all over his hands and his desk. Except there was no chewing involved this time - just a faulty pen.

4. Since everyone else is blogging about football season, I will too: I am really excited and look forward to being the biggest, loudest, proudest AU supporter in Nashville. Especially after someone that reads this blog helps me find UT game tickets and I get to watch Auburn whoop the Vols and then come back and gloat gloat gloat to all the Vols I am surrounded with. Yes, I will be the biggest AU fan in town.

5. I had to work at a bridal show last weekend for work. There were lots of vendors peddling their wares, my team included. Near the end of the show, the vendors started handing out their surplus product samples to to the other vendors - wedding cake, favor samples, etc. I got a little black bag from this company called Slumber Parties. I had never heard of them but rest assured that after seeing what they were handing out, I will never forget them:
Yes, that says what you think it says. Moving on....

6. You get an extra item this week: the housing situation has been temporarily resolved. MB comes through once again. At least now I can take my time finding an affordable, safe, clean place to live as opposed to simply finding a place to live. But FYI - if you're considering coming up for the Auburn/Vandy game and were thinking about staying with me, there is a chance I might not have my own place by then and there's a presidential debate in town three days after that game, meaning what few hotel rooms are left in town for that weekend are probably expensive as gas. Just giving everyone a heads up.

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  1. ha! So when I used to work for Yellow Book, this lady called me and said she was a party planner and wanted to place an ad. I met her at Starbucks and she pulled out her "slumber parties" book and some of her products. Needless to say, it took a while to figure out what heading she would be under...

    To make it even better, she said she got the businss idea from watching Montel Williams one day.


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