Thursday, July 17, 2008


Why do I always have such drama with the You Tubers? They are MEAN.

Well, I guess Ross was only trying to be nice but twice already, different people - STRANGERS - have commented on my tap shoes! One chick even said they are ugly! Allow me to quote: "do you have any other tap shoes than those ones thos ones you have on white are ugly." Guess she was so horrified that she lost all her punctuation! Or is that just how they talk in Canada?

Well, the joke is on you, Clickerboots2tap. Why do you think we bought them? It's a lot more entertaining and a hell of a lot funnier to dance in misfit tap shoes. You should try it.

And you know what else you should try? Punctuation!


  1. You should write her back "Oh, you take tap seriously? You DORK!"

    Hey, Canada. Scoreboard.

    Yeah, start a tap fight.

  2. Now now Lindsay.
    "Be beautiful inside your heart"
    remember that one?
    Yo' Mama


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