Thursday, July 31, 2008


Why Not, Minot?... I'll Tell You Why Not!

Here it is folks: My first "Eventures" post from the road. I just wrapped up my first week on tour with a mobile marketing campaign in Minot, North Dakota. As Lindsay previously mentioned, our remaining stops will include the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota State Fairs. I must admit: the North Dakota State Fair was rather anti-climatic. Nonetheless, here are some of the highlights from the North Dakota State Fair:
5. Denim Disasters: Being from Dothan, Alabama, many people would probably assume that I've seen my fair share of denim (thank you, National Peanut Festival). WRONG! Apparently, I missed the denim memo that was sent out to fair-goers, because 90% of the people attending chose to wear denim in some form or fashion -- jorts, jean skirts, jean skorts, denim shirts, etc. -- EVERY DAY of the state fair. Check out a couple pics of my favorite denim disasters. Please keep in mind, at some point in the day, these people decided "this looks good enough for me to wear in public":Emphasis on the Electric Turquoise Denim Pants!

4. Beanie Babies: I thought they died and went to Toy Heaven in 1998! Apparently not:
3. Separated at Birth: From the looks of it, Shania Twain has a twin sister who never made it into the mainstream country music scene. I found this Brunette Beauty singing all of her wannabe-sister's favorite songs on a VERY small stage wearing a beautiful airbrushed tank-top, which read "Shania TOO":

2. Deep Fried: According to an experienced source, Minnesota's State Fair should supply plenty of similar blog-worthy material. This dining option at the North Dakota State Fair is only a TASTE of what's to come:
And NO, I did not fork over money for this State Fair Delicacy!

1. Easily Entertained: What's the world coming to when a State Fair has a competition like this:
Only in North Dakota!?!

Well, these are the highlights from the North Dakota State Fair "Ev-enture". Check back in soon for more "Ev-entures" from the Wisconsin State Fair! Until then, I'll be on the road!


  1. Hahaha ... a text messaging competition?

  2. Perfect. I think you hit all my favorite suggestions.

    One question. What in the hell is Sugarland doing playing the ND State Fair? Did they go on after Tiffany? Jennifer must have thrown more than a few F bomb's when arriving in Minot. Sheesh. Wonder how the roller ball trick worked there. Was it like 10 ft. long?

    Looking forward to the next Eventure. I want farm animals!

  3. I somehow found your blog after I randomly found newlywed diaries, which was linked on another blog i read. Anyway, I've been tremendously enjoying your posts. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker. I just think we'd be great friends if I lived in Nashville. (kind of like how you wanted to be friends with carrie underwood.) But I live in Birmingham. Anyway, I'll keep reading for my amusement. :)

  4. Question. Can I use T9 when I compete in the text messaging competition?

  5. look good in 18-wheeler!

  6. I made my way over through google reader's recommendations . . . and I'd have to say that the NoDak probably prepared you well for the experience that is the MN State Fair.


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