Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last night I went to see Wall•E. It was so cute! What a smart movie. I was very impressed with how the animators portrayed so many emotions using slight gestures and movements (Walle's eyes, for example), as well as using the same two words ("Eve!" and "Walle") but packing different emotions into every mention (fear, happiness, concern, etc).

After the movie, who should I see in the corner of the lobby but Wall•E himself! Never one to shy away from a celebrity, I had to go introduce myself... and hold his hand.

And if I look really happy in that picture... it's because I am!

Everyone have a safe and happy Independence Day. I know I will be celebrating independence, and in more ways than one...

Be sure to come back Monday to hear all about it!


  1. Loved it. I already saw it twice. It's such a sweet, smart movie. Apparently the creator came up with the idea while he was on break while creating Toy Story, I think.

  2. Where is the announcement?....The Lindsayworld is waiting! (One exclamation)


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