Friday, July 11, 2008


1. I listened to Viva la Vida (in entirety) yesterday at work. For all the hype this album has been getting, I was sort of expecting Chris Martin to waltz into my office and personally serenade me while feeding me grapes and cheese. Nonetheless, I was still pleased, even though I can't figure out what Chris Martin is so sad about. It's a very gloomy, depressing album. So, I'm not obsessed with it by any means, but it's clearly another solid record from Coldplay. Which is a lot coming from me, because lately it's seemed that if Timbaland didn't touch it, I'm not interested.

2. LAME ALERT. I have decided to get an emergency credit card. Any suggestions? I want one with little to no interest and a good point system so that when I buy (and then immediately pay off) big items, like plane tickets or new furniture (not that either of those are are on my horizon [well... I guess a plane ticket is]) I can put them on the card and then get points or cash and not have to wear all my clothes when I travel or ride an invisible bike while I wait for my rewards like the people in the commercials do. I know some of you adult types have a recommendation. Let's hear it.

3. Things to look forward to in the few weeks: Idina Menzel performance at TPAC!, Mom coming to visit me next weekend, the onslaught of summer movies carries on (Wanted is at bat, Dark Knight is on deck and Stepbrothers is in the pen), and of course... the new job!

4. My iPod died again. This time it's especially alarming because I didn't do anything to trigger the memory lapse. In the past, I've accidentally unplugged it before it had properly ejected. The last time I used it was a few days ago when I had it sitting in my speaker dock thingy and picked it up to take it with me. Then yesterday, I plugged it into my work computer and only the songs on the iPod that were also on the work computer would play. That's like 100 songs out of 3000. Boo. So add "new iPod" to the list of things I'm saving for/will put on my points credit card, because I have a feeling this one is close to biting the dust for good. I've had it since 2005. Isn't three years (sadly) pretty good for an iPod? It seems like everyone's dies around then.

5. Is it 2004 all over again? Because I definitely held down the front row of the 17th Floor show last night and I know I haven't done that since senior year. All day long I had been trying to make a case for my favorite college band ever, but you just can't explain how good they are. Words don't adequately describe the party that is 17th Floor and they didn't disappoint us. It was so much fun. Word to the wise: when making plans to attend a show, check the band's web site to see what time the show starts instead of calling the venue. Because the venue may say 9, but if the band says 10, that's whose opinion I'm going to take... from now on, at least.


  1. I recommend a Discover card. They have several options on cards(each option has a different cash back incentive as well as other features). I use one, and the cash back bonus is nice and as long as you qualify they interest rate is rather low.

    The plus on a Discover Card: They have options which feature a monogram. I believe this is the perfect card for you!

  2. Go to We have an HSBC Weekend MasterCard. We get 1% on all purchases during the week and 2% on all weekend purchases. Interest rate and credit limit is based on your creditscore, but they start your first 12 months with a 0.00% rate.

  3. Jon and I did a lot of research before getting ours. We decided on the Chase Freedom. We get 1% back on everything, plus 3% on our top 3 categories for the month (could be groceries, travel, whatever). Since we've had it (got it in October), we've gotten $500 back in cash. You can ask for a check for your rewards (or get things like airline tickets or rewards) at any time, but if you wait until you have $200 in cash back, they'll give you $250.

    The other cards above seem like good ideas as well.

  4. i have an american express (delta options card-no annual fee), for the skymiles, but i now hear that they are going to make you pay a fee (like $25 or something) to cash in your sky miles...i would go with the cash back rewards card. besides not everwhere takes AMEX.

  5. I've really been enjoying the new coldplay. I just like that they are branching out with their sound.

  6. Death And All His Friends is my favorite song on the cd. Violet Hill comes in a close second.

  7. Credit Card: I went through my bank - Regions. I got an insanely high limit, great interest rate, and the points system. Of course, you definitely have lots of options from everyone above.

    iPod - the new iPod touch is amazing - some of my students had one they would use in class, so I'd take it and play (because they aren't supposed to have them). It is sad to lose the iPod, but yay for an upgrade!

    17th Floor - I'm always up to see 17th Floor (even now, pregnant). We had a girls trip last summer to see them, and they always put on a show. Of course, they always bring back great college memories as well.

    Best wishes on all, and yay for a mom visit.

    Love the short book comment leaver....

  8. Credit Card? Oh, know what I think! :) If you're going to get one, at least you're doing your research.

    Definitely would love a little 17th floor. One word- jealous.

  9. Oh my gosh. Y'all have stressed me out. There are too many to choose from! But thanks for the help!

  10. 17th Floor! Yeahhhhh! Brings back memories of the Blue Room.


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