Monday, July 28, 2008


How was everyone's weekend? I got in a lot of rest and relaxation, including a a 6 hour stint at the pool and a trip to the cinemaplex (isn't that a fun word?) to see Stepbrothers (hilarious!). Not so much fun: a 2"-ish burn on my forearm from my attempt to iron a dress. Back to steaming them in the bathroom.

Anyway. So, I've been meaning to post on this phenomenon for a while and haven't gotten around to it: sign flippers. What good do they do?

I was driving down the road the other day near a busy mall when I noticed this young man flipping and twirling his surfboard-sized sign all over the place. I am quite sure the point of his task was to attract attention to a business nearby but here's my beef with sign flippers: how am I supposed to know what you're selling if you won't hold your sign still long enough for me to read it?

Rather than think to myself, Oh - I need what he is selling and I'm so glad I saw him flipping that sign to remind me!, I was thinking, Christ Almighty, I am about to have a wreck because I am too busy trying to read this idiot's sign. And then, as I'm stealing glances at him while trying not to wreck, the wind catches his sign and almost blows it into the traffic. What a lawsuit that would have been.

As someone who used to be in the advertising industry*, I can tell you there are a lot more ways to be spending your marketing dollar than hiring some punk to stand outside on the corner flipping a sign in the hot sun.

*And by "used to be in the" I mean "showed up everyday to."


  1. What's up with the random asterisk?

  2. We have lots of sign flippers out here. It's like the cheapest advertising there is since those guys make minimum wage. I like when they do tricks with them like throwing them in the air and catching them. Maybe the talent pool for sign flippers is a little larger out here.

    I didn't enjoy Stepbrothers. I was kind of disgusted. I was happy that my face didn't make it in that movie.


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