Friday, July 25, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA all week. I was hardly at my desk all week, worked late two nights, saw the Dark Knight, had tap class, and before I knew it, it's Friday! No down time to blog!

1. First up: tap class. I am sad that we only have two left! This week, we learned a new step, called a Maxie Ford, and put it at the end of our dance sequence "combination." My foot was still a little swollen, so it was a long hour feeling fluid shaking around in my foot. My skin was puffing up a little bit in my tap shoe - like a loaf of bread rising in the pan. Lovely visual, right?

2. Work is still awesome. We attended another event on Thursday night, after a day full of meetings. I didn't go in until 10 a.m., which I'm finding is so, so nice. I ran four errands before I even went into work, so I have a very productive start to my day.

3. The coolest things that have happened on the clock since my last post are taking the museum's audio tour and learning even more about the artifacts and exhibits (including pausing to watch a video of Garth Brooks talking about meeting George Jones for the first time - when Garth started to cry, so did I) and taking a tour of RCA Studio B. It's still a working studio, but with the stipulation that tours are never suspended; meaning, if I'm famous and I want to record in the legendary Studio B, tour groups will be coming through there every hour. So on Wednesday, we were told to schedule a Studio B tour and as we were doing so, the tour guide said, "It's a good day to go out there. Martina McBride has a session scheduled for this morning." I'm sorry - who's got a what scheduled when now? There is an Elvis Christmas hits CD coming out this winter and several artists are recording songs in Studio B for the compilation disc: Wednesday was Martina's turn. She arrived as our group was loading the bus, so we didn't get to actually see her record, but the next groups did. Can you imagine spending your hard-earned vacation money to bring your family to Nashville and being able to see an artist like Martina McBride record a song live in front of you? What a memory. I love it.

4. Also on Wednesday, I made my first visit to the gift shop, where I picked up my Johnny Cash poster, a reprint of the building's grand opening commemorative poster, and a bumper sticker that says Johnny Cash Is A Friend of Mine. Ha.

5. Lastly, on Wednesday night I went to see The Dark Knight. Ah. May. Zing. I'd never seen or read or paid attention to anything about Batman or his adventures, but this movie had me captivated from the get-go. Heath Ledger was incredible. The film was so suspenseful and intense that my leg was shaking from nerves almost the whole time, and then I got home and was so wound up that I slept with the light on... but I still kind of want to go see it again!

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