Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Last night my roommate and I were waiting for the Bachelor to come on when we discovered one of our closet favorite movies playing over on the Oxygen channel.

Can you guess what it was?

This movie, when it came out, made me want to graduate high school, move to NYC and learn to dance.

Not Center Stage.
Not Save the Last Dance for Me.

Coyote Ugly.

Do you remember how bad you wanted to see this movie when it came out? And even more, how bad you wanted to be a Coyote after you saw it? If you answered no, watch the trailer and tell me that it didn't change your mind.

I was in high school. I went with some friends and by the end of the film, every one of us was just a pair of cowboy boots away from climbing on a bar and stomping our troubles away in time to the "Devil Went Down to Georgia." I blame Tyra. Forget the incredible money they supposedly made: I was attracted to the attitude, the appeal, the sexiness of it all.

I guess I have my chance now that the bar is a chain and I live a mere few miles from one, but one trip in there with my mother and sister in the summer of 2005 was plenty for me. It's too commercial, less exciting and somehow, a lot trashier. There's absolutely no appeal anymore.

Regardless, don't act like you didn't like that movie!

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