Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I didn't get to see Idol last night (business trip 1, LJ 0) but I am going to pick who I hope will get kicked off based on previous performances: Kristi Lee Cook.

My sister played me her song over the phone and it sounded like the Beatles meets Rocky Top - ak.a., HORRIBLE (sorry to the UT fans fan who reads this [actually, I can't lie; I like that song but it was completely ruined for me when I moved to Tennessee]).

But my rental car has a sunroof (business trip 1, LJ 1), I had a filet last night (business trip 1, LJ 2), slept in a really comfy bed (business trip 1, LJ 3), and I've got Monica with me. So don't feel too sorry for me.


  1. It was terrible. Simon said she should sing country songs, not turn every song into a country song. I kind of liked her (minus the poor wardrobe and nail art choices) so I'm sad to see her failing miserably.

    Speaking of failing miserably, Archuleta totally botched it. He freakin' forgot the words! Now that Chick-easy has stepped up his game, he'd better watch his back.

    (why does every contestant have a ridiculously difficult name to spell?!)

  2. you LIKE rocky top? oh, lj...whatever are we going to do with you?

  3. First of all, did I or did I not comment on Kristi Lee's nails a few weeks ago? Unfathomably, they have gotten worse.

    Second of all, I like "Rocky Top" as a song. Not as an anthem. And as I mentioned, moving here ruined it for me. But back in the day when I would take road trips with my grandparents in their camper, yes, I liked "Rocky Top."


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