Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today was the hardest run yet! Like I wrote yesterday, I have been slacking this week due to travel, a head cold, etc. I definitely reaped what I sowed today.

The weather was nice, pretty windy but nice enough to leave the leggings and long sleeves at home. I was basically still in the parking lot when I swtiched on my iPod, which wouldn't turn on. Dead battery. Then on my way to take it back to my car, I stepped in dog poop. So the run literally was off to a shitty start.

The particular trail we were running on is hilly. Lots of little tiny hills along the way and three very scary big hills. My running buddy, bless his heart, knew it was going to be a long morning with me when I was ready to go home halfway up the first hill.

I'll spare you the details but I almost cried after the last hill because I was so exhausted. I waited until I was 3 miles from finished before I took my Accel Gel, which may have been a mistake. I walked more than I should have but I was so burnt out. A month ago, I ran 8.2 with hardly any problems. Why was that so much easier mentally than 9.5?

So it was a rough morning but thanks to encouraging teammates and a great running partner, I did it. I was definitely outperformed, but I never claimed to be Steve Prefontaine. Time is not my first priority. Finishing is. But with almost one month til the half, I must, must, must stick to my training schedule if I want to do even that.

On a happier note, I was giddy last week to reach my fundraising minimum. And now, I am just $150 shy of my fundraising goal. So if the Easter Bunny brings you any cash, I know a good place to spend it. I decided I'm ceasing all talk of donations after March 26 - one month until the half - so you only have to hear me nag for four more days!

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