Friday, March 21, 2008


1. How hilarious was the Gauntlet finale? Out of almost 20 challenges, the rookies lost all but maybe 4, but then won the final challenge - the one where the winning team splits $300,000 - ONLY because the vets got disqualified! Brilliant. Those veterans were so mad they couldn't see straight, and rightfully so. One lone team member cost the rest of them $30k a piece, so I'd be ready to start a fight too. But it was still funny. I thought Ev was going to go drown herself in the ocean.

2. I'm putting in vacation days for April and May today! I'm taking a sanity day on 4/11, taking 4/25 and 4/28 (and maybe a half day on 4/24) off to prep for and recover from the half (and my visitors!), and 5/5 off because what? huh? what? why? OH YEAH - I'm going to see KANYE the night before! Our tickets came in the mail and I am pretty stoked. And RENT is coming here in a week but that doesn't require any vacation days.

3. Speaking of the half, tomorrow I do my second longest run before the half (the longest will be on 4/12). I'm really nervous about it, more so than I was about the last few long runs, because I've been sick this week which means I'm a little dehydrated from all the antihistamines and therefore I haven't been running as much as the schedule says. So 10.5-11 seems extra intimidating. Say a prayer!

4. Three months until my birthday, woo hoo!

5. While I was out of town this week, I watched Will and Grace on Lifetime each night before bed. I forget how funny that show is. Maybe instead of airing this crap, networks should bring back the sitcoms we all love.

I'm back in town for good, so we will now return to regularly scheduled blogging. Get excited. Hope you missed me!


  1. Very glad you are back!! Oh---is your marathon in Nashville? My brother in law is running in a half marathon in Nashville on the same day as yours...just wondering :)Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Yeah girl! The Country Music Half Marathon! How exciting! Are you coming up to cheer him on?

  3. I won't be there, but the rest of my fam will be. If you see a pregnant blonde holding a precious little boy, that's my sister! I told her to be on the look out for you to cheer you on!


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