Sunday, March 02, 2008


When I changed the blog's name, I also made some behind-the-scenes changes. For instance, now I show up in search engines.

While I was nervous about this at first, now I wait with baited breath to see what poor people Google will send my way. The search queries that have referred people to Pearls of Wit so far include:

Rachel's Hair Season 7
Miranda Lambert Jeans
Frank and Jillian
Accel Gel Shelf Life
Are CT and Diem broken up?
Cheer dance "Free Ride"
How to spot fake Chi hair straighteners
I woke up toothless
Unfriending on Facebook, what happens when you unfriend someone on Facebook?, unfriending Facebook people, unfriending people on Facebook (apparently I am an expert on that topic?)
What to say in outgoing voicemail message
What Vera Bradley patterns are going to retire in July 2008?

and my personal favorite:

Sumthin pooping (click here for that post, even though the video is sadly no longer online)


  1. Whoa. That's so cool that it tells you what question they ask? Did anyone click for Tennesseesingle???

    I'm so far behind on your blog. I'll catch up tomorrow night.

  2. wow, I recognize all of those posts ...

    except the last, I'll have to catch up on that one.


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