Monday, March 24, 2008


What a big night for TV!

First, we have the Bachelor. As I wrote last week, this show has gone completely to the dogs and we all should tune in to see which girl chews a can/passes out panties/makes a mockery of herself this week. I can't wait.

BUT! Before you turn it to ABC, tune in to CBS and watch How I Met Your Mother. There is a very special guest! No, not that Britney chick, but the one and only Eric! That's right, everyone's favorite Clay Aiken doppleganger and engineer/actor - whose album is dropping any day now - is an extra in the same episode that Britney is on. Watch for Eric in the bar scene. And no, he didn't meet Britney.

Also watch for him in a few weeks when he's on.... wait for it, wait for it..... THE OFFICE. Yes, that S.O.B. will be an extra in an episode to be aired later this spring. Look for him in a bar when Michael, Dwight and Ryan go clubbing. All these bar scenes! Hmmm. Eric, are you going Lohan on us?

And of course, tomorrow night is American Idol. Wes and I are still tied for the lead but only because I haven't gone back and awarded half-points for predicting the bottom three.

PS - And promote it all you want, MTV, but there's still at least one viewer out there that will NOT be watching The Hills tonight.

I knew him back when....


  1. One day I'll tell my children that I had a class with that famous actor/engineer.

    Also, don't forget about Big Bang Theory and New Amsterdam.

  2. Let's get real, Eric is just one more awards-show ticket away from me hopping a plane and dragging him to the courthouse so that I can share in his celeb-ridden adventures until death do us part. And if that happens you'll be on the Christmas card list, if nothing else. Heck, we might even let you come visit us.

  3. Wait, Lindsay why did you not tell me Wes watches Big Bang Theory?

  4. Haha! You can catch me on American Idol tomorrow night singing backup as well. Really, I'm on CSI:NY on April 9(I think) running out of a burning building and the first Desperate Housewives back from the strike. I got some serious screen time on How I Met Your Mother. I'm thinking about requesting a SAG voucher and residuals.

    I don't know if I'll ever have the privilege of being called an actor, engineer, doppleganger, and SOB in the same breath again. I've always wanted to have a "/" in my title. Does this do it for me? Thanks Lindsay!

  5. Do all actors post their comments twice? I didn't really look for you during the show because I was trying to corral the dog, and I was still a little upset that the 42" plasma decided to die on me, but I watched it online just now and saw you like 8 different times. Congratulations. You were great.

  6. Yes. You're an Engineer/Actor. Tell us more about your record that's about to drop!


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