Monday, March 31, 2008


Last night I was told that I have a very "expressive face." I guess this means that I talk with my face, similar to how someone talks with his or her hands.

It was a lovely compliment to receive, because it reminded me of someone else I know that had a very expressive face:

I don't even remember how my fascination of John Belushi began. I think it was late 2006 when I rented this book from my library about Saturday Night Live. Then I watched Animal House. Then I read his widow's second book, and just last week finished her first book and the taboo and controversial Woodward biography.

Not his most famous sketch, but watch this clip - it gets good in the middle when "Coach" Belushi warms them up with eyebrow exercises and commands them to "mug for the camera! mug for the camera!"

Yes, my obsessions may be random, but they are deep. For instance, have I mentioned that I like the show Friends?

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