Friday, March 14, 2008


1. Crunch Pak apples are my new favorite snack. I cannot eat a whole apple, but I love being able to have a few fresh slices whenever I want.

2. We were all incorrect for Idol this week. Wes and I are still tied, with 6/13 each, David is 5/13 and I don't think Eric is actually playing.

3. A bunch of people from my office are going in together on lottery tickets since the pot this weekend is for like $275 million or something. Everyone has been e-mailing what they are going to buy if they win. And if I have to even tell you what that reminds me of, then allow me to introduce myself.

4. Honestly, I don't know how I got along before Monica. She saved my sanity this week. God bless BlackBerries.

5. I am only $150 $50 away from I MADE MY my fundraising minimum and am only $200 from my goal for my online campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated recently, including Joy Beth, Meg, the Bondses and the Arnolds. Y'all have no idea - seriously - how much it means to me that you are helping me with this cause. Your generosity is so humbling and encouraging. I was trying to have the minimum fundraising completed with one month to go and we did it!!! Hooray!


  1. I'm kind of playing. I'm at a disadvantage. This week is the only week that I've been able to watch it live. When I'm watching Tuesday night on Wednesday, the results show is already airing on the East Coast.

    I was praying that Kristi Lee and the new American Idol logo would go home. No such luck.

  2. My preshow pick is still KLC. I'll make my final answer after I actually hear how bad Ramiele is compared to her.

  3. You really can't eat a whole apple? How big are your apples?!


  4. Size doesn't matter, Ansley. Ha.

    It's the fiber. Too much gave me weird pains in my back. The only thing I could attribute it too was deciding to start eating apples at lunch. Once I stopped, so did the random pains.


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