Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Well, it happened just as predicted. I am officially obsessed with Monica the Blackberry. I had to tweak a few things to get her just like I wanted (trained, if you will), and am still getting used to her QWERTY keys, but I am in love.

However - when I say obsessed, I do not mean that I can't be without her. There are many more people in the world that are far attached to their phones more than I am. For example: my mother, who takes her phone EXERCISING with her. Yes, she goes for her 45 minute walks and talks on the phone the whole time. So she's more addicted to her phone than I am, and she's got a plain old Nokia. I, on the other hand, have left Monica in the car or at my desk or at my house many times. But each time I needed her, there she was, ready to alert me of my new mail or inform me what time the movie starts and anything else I've wanted to know.

For example: just today I was driving around town, looking for a Bed Bath & Beyond. I was not having luck finding the store, so I whipped out Monica, Googled the store and then called them. Then, still lost, I mapped the store and Monica and I figured out where I was going.

Then Monica went dead on me, but I didn't mind. My batteries were off for the day as well (obviously, as I was shopping at 3 on a Wednesday afternoon).

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