Friday, March 28, 2008


1. The new Madonna/JT song is awesome. "4 minutes." Download it if you haven't already.

2. Idol scores: I'm in the lead with 9, Wes is second with 8 and David is last with 7.

3. Anne Heaton turned eight yesterday. Eight!!! I always tell her to stop growing up and offer her deals - which she never takes - if she'll stay little ("I'll give you $20 if you stay seven." "I'll buy you ice cream every day if you stay six.") So yesterday I called her and said "Happy fourth birthday!" "I'm not four; I'm eight." "You're four! You're gonna stay little, remember?" "I"m eiiiiiiiight. I'm eight. I'meightI'meightI'meight!" It seems like just last week we were all at St. Vincent's, waiting for her to be born. The grandmothers had gotten antsy and started walking laps around the hospital. After we found out she'd arrived, we saw them coming around the corner and yelled "She's here!!!!" and they started sprinting, which was hilarious, especially because then we had to wait to be able to see her. She was perfect and tiny and has grown - against my will - into the cutest, smartest little girl in the world. She's one of the people I miss in Birmingham the most.

4. A funny blog you should check out - Tessie, who is Messing With Texas and living to blog about it.

5. I am so glad I don't have a bracket.

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  1. I just finished Tuesday's American Idol. Is it too late for my predictions for the week?

    Little Archuleta is showing some vulnerability. I really liked David Cook.


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