Saturday, March 01, 2008


This morning I successfully ran six miles at our Group Training Session. And it was our mentor's birthday, so I ran those hilly six miles with a birthday hat on, elastic strap under my chin and all. Actually it wasn't that bad. I suppose those things are aerodynamic.

Anyway, good thing I am upping the mileage. In case training for the half-marathon wasn't enough of a reason, now I have another.

You see, my roommate is obsessed with baking. She bakes all the time. I have to be selective about what I eat from her confections because if I wasn't, I'd weigh 800 lb. If it's chocolate, she knows I'll eat it, but the fruity things I don't always opt to indulge in. So, she has been talking about owning a bakery when she gets old or starting a catering business or something one day. Recently, she noticed a bakery going up near our house and was all over it. She was there the day of the soft opening and the actual grand opening.

Now, when I was in New York, I went to Magnolia Bakery because it's supposed to be just amazing. But honestly? The best thing about that place was watching Evan insult this snotty girl who took at least 30 minutes to pick out 5 dozen cupcakes, thus holding up the line and it's not exactly warm outside in NYC in November. So we are all peering in the big window where the cupcakes are displayed, drooling over the cupcakes and the heat, and Evan sees this girl pick up a cupcake and put it back down, which would have been okay by me if her finger had not gotten in the icing! She even left a little fingerprint. As luck would have it, we got to go inside immediately after witnessing that and of course Evan walked right up the cupcake display, picked up the very cupcake the girl had stuck her finger in, and said "Oh, this one looks good but uh oh, what's that? oh no, there's a - hey, is this - that looks like your fingerprint right here!" She just glanced at him and went on filling her 5 dozen cupcake boxes which her poor boyfriend (slave?) was holding.

Anyway. So while I like cupcakes as much as the next girl, I was kind of let down by Magnolia's. So I just figured GiGi's would be similar. A good cupcake, but nothing to write home about.

UNTIL last night. My roommate, God bless her, brought home a dark chocolate cupcake, just for me. I bit into it and never looked back. The thing was amazing. I am hooked. I have already programmed GiGi's number into my phone so I can call to get the flavors and decide if I need to make a pit stop on my way home from work or not. I almost went back today until I decided that a cupcake does not a healthy lunch make.

The point -- if you live in Nashville: go to GiGi's. Immediately. The cupcakes are delicious. And most importantly: don't stick your finger in the icing then put the cupcake back, because odds are someone was watching.


  1. I have recently discovered my own cupcake love - strawberry cupcakes from Edgar's. The past week, I've wanted at least one a day (I actually just ate one before logging on); unfortuantely, I'm not preparing for a marathon like you - I'm just putting the cupcakes straight on my thighs....

  2. Did you get the article I sent you about the sisters who opened the cupcake bakery in Georgetown? I wonder how that Italian Cream cake recipe would work with cupcakes? We could be rich ...

  3. One of the great memories attained in NYC! Thanks for the shout-out LJ!

  4. You know it, Ev. Gah that was priceless.

    The article is how I found out it was soft opening day @ GiGi's - I forwarded it to JB and said "you should totally do this here" and she wrote back that one was opening that very day.

  5. My sisters brought me a strawberry cupcake with chocolate icing from GiGi's and it was super yummy. I never thought that would be a good combo but Miss GiGi proved me wrong.


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