Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yesterday's group run got canceled because of the snow. So I stayed snug as a bug in my house for most of the day, excluding one trip to the library and to McDonald's to return RedBox movies. Ratatouille? So cute.

So it was a relaxing day but that meant one very important thing - I still had to run at least nine miles on my own.

So today I woke up thinking I could skip the run, do it now or do it later. I took my ibuprofen. I started eating a power bar. In other words, I wasn't giving myself a choice.

I divided the run into three three-mile increments, stopping in between each at my car for Gatorade. The Accel Gel went down a little smoother (no gagging), but I wasn't as fast or as mentally on top of it this time out. Maybe because last time, I surprised myself (tricked myself?) into running the long distance. This time, I knew I what I was getting myself into.

The first three miles went by fine. I felt good and I didn't even stop to walk. I had my Accel Gel with a tiny bit of Gatorade and went off for round two. And that's when everything started hurting. My shins were fine, it was my derrière that was aching. But of all the parts on me, that's the part that can stand to ache, so I pressed on and before I knew it, I was back at my car again. Round Three was hard. I was sluggish and dragging and my goal became not one of time or agility, but just to get home. To endure, if you will. And so street after street, mailbox after mailbox, I kept going and before I knew it I had run my way back home.

Nine and a half miles ALL BY MYSELF. Keep in mind that until today, fives miles was the longest I've ever run solo, without anyone pushing me or encouraging me (don't underestimate how helpful that is). And I almost doubled it today. 9.5... 9.5... 9.5!

So, yay. I feel good. Well, I feel sore and not great physically, but my morale is up.

In other running news, for the first time ever I actually care about Daylight Savings Time. Why? Because as Wikipedia so eloquently put it, "adding daylight to afternoons benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours."

So this means I have more daylight hours to run in after work. And shop, apparently.

I can't wait to exploit the sun!

P.S. - I ran nine and a half miles today!!!!


  1. Congrats. Way to make yourself get out there and do it.

  2. You are hardcore. It snowed??? I forget that it's now 70 degrees and sunny everywhere in the world. I would have used the excuse that it snowed the day before and taken the day off. In fact, I did take the day off from working out. . . like 3 days actually. Good work!

  3. you are such a bad-a**! i am so proud of you! :)

  4. Run on, girl!

    Loved meeting your friends this weekend. Such a fun surprise.

  5. Thanks kids.

    Yes, Eric, we got 4" on Friday night. The worst part about it was that the one Nashvillian who loves snow the most (JB) was in Boston and missed it.


  6. I've never run that far. Impressive missy.


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