Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last night I did something I have been meaning to do for quite some time: I washed my make-up brushes.

Girls, how often do you do this? Not how often are we supposed to do it, or how often you'd like to say you do it, but how often do you actually whip out your travel-size bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and wash your brushes?

Not often enough, that's my answer, as revealed to me like colors of the rainbow last night.

First up was my concealer brush. A year's worth of Bisque puddled into my palm and turned the water in my sink a muddy peach color. Delicious. Next up was the eyeliner brush. Navy revealed brown which revealed a maroony purple buried way deep into the bristles. It was like watching a magic show, and the grand finale was me discovering the eyeliner brush's previously black bristles are actually white! All this time! Who knew?!

The eyeshadow brush was not that exciting, but the blush brush was. It looked like someone had been stabbed while painting a watercolor picture at my sink. I did my powder brush last, bidding goodbye to Light, Warmth and germs, all mixed into another muddy paint-like liquid.

To anyone whom I haven't grossed out entirely and is still reading this and happens to own make-up brushes, WASH THEM. The fluffy, clean feeling you get when using them again the next morning is so worth it. My brushes actually looked smaller this morning because there was no crap built up in them.

Yes, I realize I am incriminating myself here by revealing my own filth/shortcomings, but if one life face is affected by my story, then I have made a difference and therefore, succeeded! Wash your brushes! If not for yourself, then do it for me!


  1. you are funny/random.

    if I ever invest in some good brushes (or good make-up, for that matter), I'll wash them just for you.

  2. I KNOW! i definitley need to get better at washing them. the result is almost equal to buying all new brushes!

  3. I don't know. There's nothing in this one that I can identify with. Am I supposed to have travel size Johnson & Johnson shampoo on hand at all times? You wash them with shampoo?

  4. Thanks for this. Now I'm really happy that I don't wear makeup.


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